Want to post an appeal? READ HERE FIRST! ***

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Want to post an appeal? READ HERE FIRST! ***

Post  KemicalEnigma on Wed Apr 27, 2011 7:56 am

Banned for an unfair reason? Post an appeal! We read all of the appeals, but unban is not guaranteed.

I. How does it work?
1) Appeal is submitted.
2) Appeal is reviewed.
3) OPs + decide.
4) Appeal is either denied or accepted.

II. How do I submit an appeal?
1) Copy the template. (Located below.)
2) Click "New Topic".
3) Enter your Minecraft name into the "Title of the topic."
4) In the body, paste the template that was copied before and fill it out.
5) Click send.

III. How long will it take?
You should receive a reply on the appeal from an OP+ with the words "Appeal Accepted." or "Appeal Denied." within 72 hours of posting.

Any other questions? PM an OP on the forums.


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